Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Being a Stay at Home Mum

Something I’ve always wanted to do was have my own business. I have spent years working for other people, volunteering my time for not-for-profit organisations and now being a stay-at-home mum of three kids.

Although, I don't have a "paid" job, I've found that volunteering my time with different organisations can become like a full-time job. Attending school and community functions and getting the kids to their social, school, sport committments takes time. Then there is the house, shopping etc! Wow! Mum's are pretty special people - amazing and special. (just ask my daughter! she often tells me how important Mum is to her)

Remember: you will always have people who will disagree with you about your choice of business. Don't worry about them - keep your focus! It's your life, your dreams and goals.
I know from past work experiences that what I put into the job/bizness will eventually reap a harvest. When I worked for an employer, I decided to put my best effort in to add value to my employers business. It’s the same with your own business. Value adding to your business means that what you contribute is worthwhile, necessary (it may not always be instant) and long term it pays off.

Just like the quality time spent my children, the work that I put into my home based business now will continue to pay off for years to come and I also increase my knowledge which means I are then able to help those who follow after me.
But perhaps the best part of all of this is the unqiue stories that we can tell others of our experiences and hopefully encourage them in their journey of having a dream and actioning it. When we share our hopes, dreams and goals + what we've learnt on our journey of life, we can help, ecnourage and sometimes caution others. It might be our children, family or friends - and it makes our world and theirs much richer. After all life is meant to be shared.

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  1. I commend you for being a stay at home Mum, you have chosen one of the most important careers there is to devote your life to.
    Women like you cop a lot of flak(eg.just a Mum)the next generation will be much better able to cope with life through your devotion.
    I look forward to seeing your success written in your blogs and everywhere else I can.
    Phyllis Pianta