Tuesday, June 23, 2009

People - How do we use the Internet?

People use the Internet for many reasons:

· Research a particular topic or subject
· People Search – find people whom we know or want to know about
· Information on Business products/services/industries
· Information on Health, wellness, lifestyle
· Shopping/bargains
· Movies, music, media
· Communication, emails, social networks, online forums, online communities
· Relaying information
· Personal – banking, relaxation, etc
· Other – I’m sure you will have some to add

As a stay-at-home Mom, I sure you have a few reasons you use the Internet as well. (Would love to hear your views and opinions too!)

These are just a few examples of why people use the internet. If you are going to be, or have a home based internet business then the next question is How?

Well, how do you use the internet? You open your web browser and usually type in a question, word or url address. So you need to think about the words (keywords), and sentences that people may type in to find the relevant information. Of course there is much more that can be discussed here, but I just want to get you to start thinking about this and doing some research for yourself.

If you want people to return again and again to your website, then consider:

Content – quality information that your visitors want to know about
Flow – the banners, ads, links, photos etc around the content need to relate to your content.

Tip: Think about your clients/visitors interests, fears, hopes, dreams, and wants. What do they want and what are they looking for when the access the Internet? How they get to this information may not be how you want them to get there. Think like a potential visitor and how they would get to your site.

Tip: surf the web yourself by typing in some words (to get you started as examples: health, business, home based business) and see what pages come up and what content is in them. This will assist you to see the sort of information people are wanting.

Be creative, you might be the one to start a new trend or a new “buzz” word.

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