Saturday, August 01, 2009

WFHM-Are you one?

What is a WFHM (work-from-home-mum)? For many years I have referred to myself as a Stay-at-home-mum, but now I'm revising this!!!

WFHM: She may/may not have a paid job BUT...she is the:

  • taxi service provider

  • administrator of budgets, savings, cheques, deposits and financial paperwork

  • cook providing healthy choice meals and nutrition advice....don't eat that it's not good for you!

  • oversees and manages the "estate" (house and property) on a daily basis

  • is a referee to disputes and arbitrator in settlement of the same

  • provide free hugs

  • is a great detective (Mum, I can't find my shoe!)

  • and much more.

Really if a Mum was paid to stay at home, then imagine the pay check! Many of us are juggling a career and family and it's not easy. But the most wonderful experiences happen when we can enjoy seeing our children's "firsts" - first steps, first ribbon for a race they've won at school, first words, first attempts at reading....

So is you stay at home, think about being a WFHM, because really you already are (even if a paycheck isn't there weekly) and who knows, given you already have amazing abilities as mentioned above, the opportunity to contribute financially to the household is also within your grasp!

Enjoy life, be different, love, laugh and live!

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