Monday, August 31, 2009

Grant Writing continued....

Grant Writing. It can be rather daunting. However, with support, encouragement and action you can do it. Last month's blog was on Grant Writing Tips, which I hoped helped all the WFHM's who have undertaken to assist their local community.

Once you have written and sent in your grant application, keep a record of contacts made, businesses who have supplied quotes, and notes you have made that assisted you. Make a checklist that can be used for future grant writing. And keep copies of the grants you have applied for - they will be invaluable in the future for referring back to. Also, clean out all the papers, notes, etc that you no longer need as they will just clutter your workspace and make it difficult to find paperwork you really do require. (Tip: have a display folder that you can slip your paperwork and notes in for future reference.)

Most of all, take time out for yourself. I found this to be one thing I didn't really do and it lead to sleepless nights, and in turn not being at my best at times.

Enjoy Life, Love, Dream, Action!


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