Thursday, August 06, 2009

Tips for Grant Writing

Many Work-from-home-mums (WFHM) are community minded volunteers who use their skills and talents to assist local community groups.
WFHM’s are also learners, researchers and trainers! We have to be to be mums!!! So if you’re community organisation has asked you to consider grant writing then here are a few tips to help.

· Read, read, read the paperwork thoroughly – know the guidelines, maximum amount that can be applied for, what the grant can be used for and what you can’t use it for, terms and conditions and reporting requirements to grant organisation.
· Is your organisation/group eligible to apply? Does the organisation meet the general guidelines relevant to the grant?
· Know the aims, purpose, mission statement of organisation, budget, financials, timelines that need to be included in grant
· Who is responsible for overseeing the writing and application of the grant/s and who will oversee the distribution and reporting of funds?
· Obtain relevant quotes – that is don’t get three quotes on 3 different pieces of equipment, make sure quotes are on similar items
· Allow enough time to complete application and send it to grant organisation, don’t rush
· Ask others in organisation to read your application – they will be able to share ideas, editing and may bring some perspective that you haven’t considered that is relevant to application.
· Ensure your budget is real and accurate.
· Make sure your application is easy to read, don’t have difficult to read fonts and line spacing
· Tell the story – but make it to the point and clear to understand.
· Have a checklist so that you can tick off and know that you’ve covered all requirements.
· The Grant organisation will have relevant people to assist you – contact them for help if you are unsure of questions and/or terms and conditions.
· When you’re grant is successful, take the time to review process, evaluate and address areas that can be improved.
· Make sure that all reporting requirements are followed through. This is essential if you want to be considered for future grant opportunities.

These points are tips for you as you serve your local community and maybe you could find yourself a paid position with these skills, even working from home!
Enjoy life – enjoy being different!

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