Saturday, September 26, 2009

Grant Writing and your organisation

Grant writing can be like travelling down a road - how you drive will determine how you get there...

You've just been given a position on your Community Group and you shudder..."Can you help us? We need someone to write grant applications and it's easy!" Heard something like this?

The last two postings on my webpage has been to help you with tips on Grant Writing and for those of us beginning it can be difficult. Why? Many of us haven't had exposure to Grant Writing and thinking the way that those who make Grants available think.

So this month we'll take a quick look at some of the things that organisations who make grants available want in an application.

  • They are making their money available - it's not yours by right - they choose whom they will give it to

  • You need to show that your organisation will achieve the goals, complete the job that you are asking money for - so be progressive, forward thinking, able to work in with changes and keep written and photographic records

  • Become familiar with your common goals/interests/aims

  • Have ideas that are well presented - something that they will take notice of

  • Read, Read, Read the guidelines, application and related information

  • Each grant is unique, spend the time needed to make each different application the best it can be

  • Follow guidelines, answer every question, show respect to grant making organisation

  • Be prepared for others in your group to review your work and make changes, and suggestions

Grant writing can be a challenge, but it can also be very rewarding, especially when you see the end result of the work put in. Get involved in your local community and enjoy making a difference!

Se the Links - Grants Resources on the Right Hand side of this webpage to assist you

Enjoy life - be different.


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