Saturday, October 10, 2009

Building Relationships & Grant Writing

Hi All,

We are continuing at looking about Grant Writing which has taken up much of my time the last few months - I'll admit at first it was so daunting that I found myself disliking the whole idea until my first grant application was successful! Whilst I'm still finding my way (like so many of you) the relationships I've built and things I've learnt have been valuable and worthwhile.

Building Relationships: We need to build relationships with like-minded people in the community whom we can bounce ideas off and work together to achieve a common goal.
Say you want a bus service in a remote area then you'll need to:
a) work out who requires the service - which groups, e.g. children attending local school, elderly, etc
b) who else in the community might be stakeholder in this idea - e.g. school, kindy, Home & Community Care Service, police, community services, Hospital, Aged Care facility, etc
c) who else might be willing to contribute to project with time and finances
d) which grant makers might have a suitable grant you can apply for
e) how much time will you need to devote to the project and will you need to form a committee to get project done?

These are just some ideas and certainly you will find that you could add to list - and if you have ideas please email me and if you agree I'm happy to include your comments. When Work-from-Home-Mums work together we can achieve GREAT Things!

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