Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How will your special project help your organisation and community?

2 blogs ago I summarised some tips for special projects/events. Last blog we looked at what special project your group might consider. This time we'll briefly look at how your special project/event might help your organisation and wider community. The road can be a long exhausting journey unless your group identifies just how it believes the project/event will help.

So you've agreed upon a project/event now what will be the benefits of the project/event. That is to say why should you invest time, resources and people into forming a plan to achieving your goal?

How might the project/event help your organisation? Here's some tips: Let's say you want to bring a speaker to your area to talk on topics that are issues within your community that your organisation has identified. How would this event help your organisation?
  • Pool resources, skills, talents
  • Identify administration, organisational and event planning skills within group
  • Promote communication about what's happening within group/community
  • Raise funds through different avenues (e.g. grants, donations, special fund raising event)
  • Organise local interviews for when speaker arrives
  • Bring group together - promoting teamwork
  • provide a safe forum for group to interact
  • learn skills, gather information that would assist group co-hesion

How might your project/event help the wider community?

  • Provide a forum for people to gain information on issues affecting the community
  • provide a safe environment for people to share and talk about issues
  • assist those affected by issues
  • build confidence within community to deal with issues
  • provide a safe place for those affected to interact with wider community

Remember, these are just ideas and they may or maynot assist with your local issues and events. If you and the stakeholders involved in the project/event can show how it would assist your community it can do the following:

  • bring the community together on a common issue
  • help raise necessary funds (through various avenues) to assist with project/event
  • promote and strengthen community spirit and like-mindness.

You will be amazed at how the community will come together and how much can be achieved if your project/event is backed by local groups and the wider community. Your group can help your local community to take hold of its future and change the direction and make a positive difference. Enjoy life, make a difference!

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