Wednesday, October 14, 2009

WFHM - You have something to say

Are you a work-from-home-mum? Then you have:

  • valuable skills and abilities
  • are often organised and focused (you're a Mum)
  • know the importance of getting a job done (if you say no to this, then think about how often you wash, fold and iron clothes!)
  • know the importance of being on time to appointments (getting the kids to school)
  • know the importance of recalling a large amount of important information (school excusions, camps, school fees being paid)
  • know the importance of recalling important phone numbers, email address etc
  • have the ability to juggle time, finances, nutrition and "work"
  • are able to be involved in a number of "jobs" at different levels (feading at school, tuckshop, community groups, sport groups, other interests

I encourage you to write down exactly what you do and what skills are needed to achieve everything in one week (or one day), then sit back and take a look at your lists - you will be surprised by what skills, talents and abilities you have and also how much you can fit into a week. Encourage yourself, don't put yourself down because you make an extremely important contribution to your famil, community and society.

Enjoy life, love, family and doing things differently.


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