Friday, November 06, 2009

Ongoing Benefits of Yours Special Project/Event

We come to the last of the related blogs for Special Projects/Events. And we need to ask ourselves the question "What, if any, are the ongoing benefits of a group's special project/event?
We come back to our Example of bringing a speaker to town to talk on important issues that have been identified in the community. Brainstorm: how might this event/project help in the short term, medium and long term? What benefits might come to the group, and the wider community? Could a like-minded group be formed to action ideas and assist those whom need help? Is there ongoing funding or can your group sell copies of sessions (e.g. DVD's) to raise funds? What are the legal issues in doing this? These are just some ideas to help you. It's important that programs/events/project have a time line but also that they would assist the community, groups and stakeholders involved and strengthen each one as well.

Enjoy life - enjoy doing things differently and making a difference in YOUR community!

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