Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Special Projects/Events - funds and stakeholders

From the last couple of blogs we'll continue looking at Special Projects/Events but now we'll turn to finding funds and identifing stakeholders.

Funds?! All organisations/groups need funds. Funds come in different ways- selling something, membership fees, donations, grants, special event fundraising, cake stalls, car washes etc. Your group needs to identify how funds will be raised for a)normal operational activities and b)special events and projects.

Stakeholders - who might be interested in contributing/partnering with your group to make the special project/event a reality? E.g. from previous blog how will your project/event help the wider community we used the example of bringing a speaker to the local area to talk on identified issues within the community. Now of course depending on what the issues are you might consider asking:
  • local police
  • local council
  • local support groups
  • local Churches
  • local community service groups, e.g. Lions, Rotary etc
  • local welfare groups
  • local school
You will find as you look around your community that there are many other groups/organisations who might be interested in coming on board to assist and help raise funds, and organise project with you. You can be the catalyst to begin!

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