Thursday, February 11, 2010

Building a Successful Team

To be in business, you need to build a team of people around you.  No business is a "lone ranger".  Even as a sole trader there will be people around you who are part of your team. 

For example, if you own a shop you will have:
  • yourself
  • suppliers
  • customers
  • staff
Each of these have different, but important roles.  Unless you order your stocks in a timely manner, regularly and build a good standing with your suppliers you won't have the necessary stock needed for your customers. 

If you don't train your staff and set a good leadership example then you will have ineffective customer service.  If your customers leave your shop unhappy then they won't come back, worse still they will tell others not to patronise your business.

So building a successful team means investing into the lives of others.  Show you care, and believe their contribution is worthwhile to your business.  Encourage and equip your staff with customer service skills.  Provide leadership (set the example yourself), training and incentives so they will reach their potential.  Have excellent customer service skills - you want the customers looking for you!  Establish and build on a relationahsip that is real, honest, ethical and believes in people.  Even the little things like saying thankyou and showing appreciation, encourage and build others. 

Know WHY you are in business for yourself.  Do you know why?  What's the reason behind all the hard work?  What are your business goals?  E.g. do you want to build the No. 1 clothing retail store in your area? where customers believe they are valued and get value for money?  Think beyond immediate goals and look long term as well.

Know your product/s.  If you don't use your product how can you talk to others about it?  Use it, learn about it, invest in it and then share it.   When you bring in Reps, trainers, experts in the industry, show them respect.  Don't jump in and start talking for them or trying to show that you know more.  Unfortunately, many people often are turned off by this and close their minds to opportunities and new products.  Show respect to those around you.

Learn, learn, learn and get the training YOU need to be successful.  Never stop learning.  Set the example to those in your team about the importance of tapping into quality training.  Again our example of a sole trader in business (e.g. retail clothing) - go to the new product presentation evenings, go to the trading shows, talk with the company and reps, read the literature and use the products (wear them) so that you become knowledgeable and comfortable with them.  Encourage your staff by setting the example.

Enjoy living a life that's different!

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