Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Be Inspired to have a different mindset?

What's your mindset?  Who inspires you to have a different mindset - a coach, family member, friend, teacher?  Is your mindset positive or negative?  If you have a negative mindset then you will find excuses - I have no money, time, it's too hard, it's a scam, etc
If you have a positive mindset then you will face the challenges and say things like, I can do this, I will push past the fear, I will find the money, I will get that job, I will buy that car, when I call people they will be there.
Can you see the difference? A negative mindset focuses on yourself and your circumstances.  A positive mindset focuses on helping others (which in turn helps you).
You can change the way you think - it's a decision, a choice you make.  People who start their own businesses have a different mindset from those who work a j-o-b.  They are inspired to step out and be different, business people need to have a positive mindset and be focused or their businesses will not succeed.  To succeed you must check your mindset - how you think.  If your thinking is negative, closed, fearful then you must go and do whatever it takes to work through your fear and change your mindset.
Get around positive people, get around people who are successful in your chosen industry, get coaching, training what ever it takes to help you get where you want to go.  Don't let the economy, fiances, friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues stop you from achieving your dreams.  For too many years I allowed this to stop me, and where did I get?  No where!  I am thankful for great coaches, fantastic team support in my chosen business ( I work at home), training and teaching.  Decide to be teachable too!  Everyday decide to learn something new about your industry, and about yourself.  Serve others, this is a great learning ground.

Be inspired to have a different mindset - a postive, focused, joyful frame of mind.

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