Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Have you read today’s devotional from The Word For Today? (Wed 9-6-2010)?

The focus is on “What’s Your Dream?” So here I am with the kids, eating breakfast, listening to my Christian Radio station and reading this devotional. God always knows just what I need. I’ve so busy chasing what I didn’t need and stopped focusing on “My Dream”.

With all the changes in our family’s life in the last two years, we lost focus for a while on what’s really important. Changes in job, finances, and another child starting school plus all the other commitments we have seems to have taken our focus of f what’s important, what’s necessary and what we really love doing.

It hit home to me in the last week or so. There is nothing, nothing as wonderful as when a new Christian Radio station is switched on for the first time. Only seeing a person enter into a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ is the better best thing! I’ve been so busy worrying about “how will we pay for this or can we afford that” that I lost the dream given to me by God.

So thanks Bob Gass for your words of encouragement to 1) keep your dream and 2) dream again only bigger. That’s what I want to do – and see lives changed with a positive message of hope.

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