Monday, June 07, 2010

Living each day...

Living each day to make a difference.  Whew, I love being able to be available to help people and not-for-profit organisations where I live.  On the weekend my Husband, bless him! purchased an office desk for me. You can see my old "desk' which was a basic computer stand, now it served it's purpose but was wayyyyyy too small and hence I always had stacks of paperwork and book on the end of dining table and we were constantly moving "piles" around.  Then he brought me this beautiful desk (it's where I'm working from now) and what a difference. 

You see if you want to work from home, you need a space that is workable and easy to maintain.  As I am currently working on a number of projects, I am able to have a spot for each project.
So living each day with the right equipment helps to:
  • keep stress levels down,
  • make the work environment more pleasant
  • able to spread project out and plan
  • can blog more easily as I can sit and think, write
So I can enjoy life.....hope you are enjoying life too!

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