Thursday, June 17, 2010

Making a difference this month

June 2010, a month for making a difference, a BIG difference.  Many communities radio stations rely on their listeners to partner with them so that they can stay on air and deliver a local radio service to their community.  This month YOU can make a difference.  I love these special times the "a-thons....", radio-a-thon and for Vision Radio the vision-a-thon.  The testimonies and stories of real life people sharing what Christian radio means to them makes you laugh with them, cry with them and pray with those sharing on air and via feedback.  So this month (June 2010) you can support:
(looking down from Ash Street, Yungaburra - a "Vision Town")

Check out your local Christian Radio Stations and consider how you can support them.  They are a positive voice in a world that is willing to compromise truth.  And, by coming involved, you may find an exciting, new role in an amazing sector - community radio.

Enjoy life.  Live to make a difference!

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