Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Reaching Australia with Christian Radio

How do we reach a nation with the Gospel - words of life and hope?  One way is with Christian Radio.  I am passionate about Christian Radio.  It is amazing, life changing and giving hope to thousands of people across the nation of Australia.  Where I live, there is now 12  Christian relay radio stations and 1 Christian Community Radio Station

Please don't tell me it's not possible!  Because I know it is!

I became involved with Christian Radio in 2002.  I was (still am!) a work-at-home-mum with two small children and we didn't have any Christian radio stations here on the Tablelands except a Christian Community Station that was broadcasting in a different town and I lived too far away to receive the signal. 

I knew that there were many faithful people from across the different Christian Churches here on the Atherton Tablelands who had been praying for many, many years for an opportunity to bring Christian Radio to this area. However, I never thought, ever... that I would be apart of bringing this amazing life changing media ministry.  I didn't even listen to radio because the secular radio made me feel even worse for listening to it.

I am so thankful to my Pastor who approached me and asked me to become involved as a local contact for this area.  This ministry has changed my life.  I have learnt that God can truly do amazing things that people kept telling me couldn't/wouldn't happen. 

My team have experienced many trials and many joys!  We have experienced the following:
  • necessary funds raised
  • sites, resources and people needed
  • connecting with amazing people all over the country through Christian Radio
  • stories of hope
  • positive mix of music, biblical teaching, interactive issues-based programmes
  • all the family can listen in and enjoy

Personally, the journey with Christian Radio has helped me in my walk with the Lord.  When I experience walking the rough patches on the path of life, there are people encouraging me and often a song, or a speaker on the radio will speak a word of hope.  I love when the sponsorship and fundraising times because you will hear life-changing stories from real people - ordinary people across Australia.

As well as working with a National Broadcaster (voluntary), I also have been working with a local community radio (also voluntary).  There are many ways you can be involved - ideas, grant writing, announcing, programming, co-ordinating, fund raising, sponsorship, websites, community liaising....just a few ideas.

By prayer, resources, people and action we have seen a growth in our area and also around the country.  My team have so far installed:
  • 1 station   on air 2003
  • 3 stations on air 2004
  • 2 stations on air 2005
  • 2 stations on air 2006
  • 2 stations on air 2007
  • 2 stations on air 2008
My team have also assisted with two more stations on the coast (1 in 2009 and 1 so far 2010).  We continue to learn more about the equipment and maintenance side of the relay radio stations.  Because they are LPON's (Low powered open narrowcast) they are an affordable option for many small communities who would struggle to resource a large radio station.

We enjoy life.  We enjoy being different by helping our local communities to have a voice of hope broadcasting 24/7.

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