Monday, July 26, 2010

Changes, Changes...

Hi Everyone,
You may have noticed that I have removed the title picture off the top of this website.  I have, however, added some new spots! There is now "What's Happening" - community notices to get the word out about what is happening locally on the Atherton Tablelands area.  If you have a community event happening in another part of Australia just email me and let me know, so we can work together to get the word out about your event!
I've also added (and there will be more additions) a list of local churches on the Atherton Tablelands.  Don't forget to scroll down and "meet" Robbo and Shelly from the Vision Radio Network (youtube video) with an overview of UCB Australia and it's ministries.  There is also a Link List of Newspapers.  As with all the links spots they can be added or changed over time so check back reguarly.

Enjoy life! Make a difference....

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