Thursday, July 01, 2010

Interesting Week

This has been a very interesting week.  Kids home from school, learning new programs, meeting new people, finding out what's happening in local community. Have met some amazing people in different sectors of the community.  There is a wealth of local information if you just ask and go looking.  I have found that in my local area there is so much going on - just amazing!
Learning that kids make lots of noise and so to learn a new program....wait till their outside or back to school.  Learning about plain text documents, making sure people actually receive the emails I send, and finding out that lots of other people suddenly realised "the school holidays are here!"

Unfortunately, it's a little too cool up here at present on the Atherton Tablelands to go swimming at places like the beautiful Malanda Falls (see picture) unless you enjoy a very cool swim!

Community radio is fun, exciting and challenging!  Keep it perspective, keep your humour and laugh (at yourself) for the amazing things you learn!  Maybe, just maybe, you mighttttttt hear me on the radio.

Enjoy life in community - make a difference.  Oh yeahg.....enjoy the kids these school holidays

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