Monday, September 06, 2010

Learning (Radio) and having Fun

Hi Everyone!

Do you enjoy each day?  I always knew that I didn't know much about radio .  Now I know I have so much more to learn.  Learning about radio whether you're in Community radio or Commercial radio is never boring.  If you're bored you are not learning.

Last week, I recorded my first ever interview - nervous?  YES.  But oh so much fun.  If you enjoy meeting people then radio just might be for you.  The last few weeks has been a real learning curve - that's saying it mildly.  The operational side of radio is very different to the other areas I have been apart of.

I know that what a broadcaster sends out on the airwaves can either be positive or negative.  What is "on air" can influence what people think.  It's a trememdous responsibility that broadcasters have and a privilege to be able to influence their communities.

Why not get involved and make a positive difference in the life of your community?

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