Saturday, October 02, 2010

Cape York Adventure!

We made it!
Recently, my family went on a trip to Cape York and the Tip of Australia (Pajinka).  Lots of people have asked me "what was it like?"  Honestly?!  Dusty, dusty, bumpy, but we had lots of fun.  The best part?  Being together as a family.  We drove, met different people, went on a Mine Tour at Weipa, went to Bamaga, walked to the tip of Australia, stood next the sign that tells you you're standing at the most northern part of the main contient, the kids swam in Fruit Bat Falls, and so much more.

You have to check out the fascinating places like Somerset, Punsand Bay, Fruit Bat Falls, Moreton Telegraph Station ( a great place to camp).  How about Laura - they have a lovely town with heaps of history.  Visit Old Laura on Battle Camp Road.  Go across to Cooktown and check out the historical sites and museum!  There is so much to learn about the area in which we live.

Places we camped:  Musgrave, Weipa, Loyalty Beach, Morten Telegraph Station, Laura, Cooktown. The locals are friendly and can often give you extra information not found in books.  Don't forget also that you can't carry mangoes, bananas etc around - check local information before you travel.  The Jardine Ferry is so worth it!  Instead of crossing the Jardine River with the crocs, pay the ferry fee and go across safely.  The ticket also gives you access to the area which is held by the local indigenous people.

At Bamaga there are plane wrecks, a fantastic bakery and services you may need.  Somerset (where the Jardines lived) has grave sites and other historical sites.  Take the time to take a look.  You must go the to Croc Tent - get your soveniors and get valuable local information.

Take a camera and get your photo at the Tip of Australia.  You'll drive past Pajinka (please if someone knows the history of this place please email and let me know

To all those we met on our journey, thank you for your friendliness, help and time.  There is really so much to see and do.  But I think the most important part is spending time with those you love.  Oh yeah, we found some more towns that haven't yet a Christian Radio station or signal in their communities.  So we'll have to work on this point....but get out there and take your family and spend the precious moments of life together creating a life time of memories and stories.  Be different! Live, love and enjoy life!

At Bramwell Junction

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