Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Chaplains in Our Schools

I don't normally call attention to issues such as the following on my website however, people need to be aware of challenges that Law-abiding, Bible believing people face (yes, us who are called Christians).  So I call your attention to the program aired on Compass regarding Chaplains

Just one point here....maybe more Australians should find out their true history about the settlement of our nation.  We didn't have a civil war, many Christian people helped establish much of our school system and welfare.  If you take out the Christian services today from our communities you may just be surprised what this nation would lose.  Something to think about...

Back to this issue at hand:  I realise that people who truly care about our next generation, are attacked because they are prepared to make a stand and live out their faith in action.  Chaplains are no exception - they are people who care about our students.  Even though many of our Chaplains are Christians the Schools Chaplaincy program is not limited to having a Christian Chaplain. 

It does make you wonder however, that if people are so keen to challenge the role of Chaplains in the school and the valuable work they do, what are they (those who are challenging) contributing?  I am a parent at a local state school and have, I guess unique opportunity of being once a student at the school, and then a parent plus being involved through the school's P&C (which all parents can be apart of, if they choose to be).  We don't have a Chaplain, but some of our local High Schools do. 

When you see children and what they and their families go through, why is it so wrong to have someone who truly cares be available to sit and listen?  In our busy lifestyles of needing more money, more things, we (all of us) can lose what's really important - time with our children and as a family. Quality time is only one part of it, quantity is just as important.  Kids need to know they are loved, not bought.  They need to know they will have the basics - food,shelter, clothing - and they don't have to be the big brand names.  But most of all they need YOU - the parent investing in their lives. 

Chaplains are people who are available to listen, to care.  If they happen to be Chrisitan Chaplains then at least the children should be able to witness ethical, moral values that will assist them through life.  You try finding it pleasing to have a bad mannered child talk abusely to you and see you like it.  It isn't pleasant. 

So before people who claim Christian Chaplains are stepping outside of their roles reflect on this - what am I teaching as a parent?  What am I modelling to my kids?  As a Christian Parent, I am very aware of what my kids see in me. I'm not perfect, no one is.  But I believe kids are not stupid and they will see through people and personal agendas.  Maybe the question is not really about Chaplains (i.e. Christian ones as they seem to be the ones being discriminated against) but maybe, just maybe it's about us parents and what we are failing to impart to our children?  Something to reflect upon.....

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