Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hearing Yourself on Radio

Have you ever heard your own voice?  Some people totally freeze...a common comment I get is "I never thought I sounded like that!"  I know the first time I heard my voice recorded I thought "that can't be how I sound?!"  But guess what?  That recorded voice of yours has power.  Power to express thoughts, inspire, impart and encourage others.

In my role in our local community radio station, I get to meet ordinary people (like you and me) who have extraordinary stories, information on local events and issues and positive life moments to impart.  It is  a priviledge to sit down with members of the local community and chat with them about the issues and moments in their lives which mean so much to them and often encourage others in our community as well.

Having motivated and committed volunteers to assist is very encouraging and when you are in a leadership role, it's so important to thank your team, encourage them and give them feedback to assist them in stretching themselves and getting out of their comfort zone.  I know this as I have a friend who weekly checks in on how much I'm out of my comfort zone.  But saying this, the feedback from local people in the community whom you chat with and approach for interviews is usually very positive. might just hear yourself on radio!  So why not check your local Community radio station and offer some of your time.  You'll learn skills, meet amazing people, find out what's happening in your local area and in turn, you encourage the other staff and volunteers too!

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