Monday, October 11, 2010

People in Community Radio

Being involved in Community Radio means you meet and work with ordinary people who often overcome or do extra-ordinary things.  Community Radio is much more than broadcasting on air.  It is a living, growing group of people who become like a second family. 

Technology has made broadcasting easier (well....most of the time) and staying in touch with each other when we all live in different towns.  But Community Radio is a way of bringing together people from all different backgrounds, cultures and ideas.  When you work as a team what is created is an amazing collection of talents, skills and most of all a reflection of the local community in which the people live.

We all learn.  Well we are all challenged! How to do an interview.  Maybe record a Community Service Announcement.  Which is the best audio program to record the new weekly program being produced.  How do we edit and get the program ready? 

Many questions.  Often we have to work together to find the answers.  What is so encouraging is that those who find the answers and overcome the challenges then teach others what they have learnt, making the process so much easier for the next person. 

Community is about working together.  It's not about uniformity, but unity.  It's about us all being different and unique and yet together as a team we can overcome some of the most challenging situations.  It's about being creative when there's not much in the funds, praying together and relying on each other.  It's about being taken out what we consider comfortable and stretching ourselves a little more.  Community is like being in family - we encourage, rely and help each other.

That's what makes Community Radio fun, that's why it works.  Community Radio is about community.

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