Thursday, December 16, 2010

Amazing People

I have just finished editing an interview about some truly amazing know often we "box" people and  want them to be how we think they should be.  But the reality of life teaches us that this isn't the way it is.  Our perception can be way off.  When we look at others our first impressions sometimes make us biased and that will affect how we interact with those we meet.

What's normal?  I used to tell my Mum I just want to be around "normal" people.  But normal to me, may not be normal to you.... so for each of us "normal" means something different.  And that's not a bad thing. Over the past couple of years as I have had the priviledge of meeting some truly amazing people, I have seen that "normal" is just our own state of mind trying to control the sphere of our influence.  God's Word tells us that we are made and formed just the way we should be (Psalm 139) so perhaps next time you or I go to "box" what we think someone should be like or look like, perhaps we just need to ask ourselves instead, "How does God see this person?"  When we look at each other through God's eyes, we just might catch a glimpse of the amazing person we're about to meet or have just met.

Laugh, Love, Life - Be apart of changing your community positively!

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