Monday, December 20, 2010

In Our Local Community

Wow!  What an amazing night we had (19 December) at the Mareeba Churches Carols evening - "Churches Together" event.

Our small Christian Community Radio team is growing and taking up new challenges.  I am so proud of these guys and girls!  One of our newest volunteers stepped up and took off with the voice recorder and recorded some great Christmas messages - well done!

Preparing for broadcasting
 Being in Community Radio isn't about telling your community but about sharing in what happens in your community.  It's about providing a platform of opportunity for those interested in radio and providing a forum for the local people to raise issues and work together to make changes.

Community radio isn't just about the music mix or the collection of programs being aired; no it's much, much more.  It's about people working together, it's about being in "family", it's about having a go, it's about dedication, commitment and being stretched.

As a team our local Christian Community station 92.3FM continues to grow and take up new challenges.
Whatever organisation, team or group you are apart of, remember to say thankyou to your fellow team members, get used to be stretched out of your comfort zone and enjoy being  apart of your community.

Enjoy life - live with a difference!

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