Thursday, January 13, 2011

Community Radio - Teamwork

Teamwork.  What does it mean?  The Pocket Oxford Dictionary (6thEd,1978) tells us Teamwork is a "set of persons working together, combined effort, co-operation, join in or as a team, join in common action."

Community radio thrives on teamwork.  It can't survive without a group of people working together in common action.  Unlike commercial radio, most people involved in community radio are volunteers and receive no financial remuneration.  What they do receive is the satisfaction of a job well-done, and skills that can assist them in other areas of life and work, as well knowing they are giving back to their local community.

 Out of local Community radio stations across Australia come unique and specialized programming that bring out the local stories, events and issues within the area each station broadcasts.  Programming is tailored to meet the needs and interests of listeners in each broadcast area. 
But this programming doesn't just happen.  Many, many hours are put in by local, passionate and committed people who service their communities through the media of radio.

Many local community radio stations regardless of their definition (e.g. Christian, general, fine arts) run on limited resources.  Technical and financial challenges are a constant part of daily life in a community radio station along side the need for more volunteers and skills.  Yet the local areas into which Community stations broadcast recieve a rich mix of diverse programming, music and information that complements their listening audience.

Teamwork, like Community radio cannot be achieved by only one person.  Teamwork survives on relationships- built up, encouraged and with a common focus/goal.  Ask yourself:
  • How could I contribute to my local Community radio Station?
  • What skills, resouces would assist my local community radio station?

So why not get involved in a local Community radio station near you?

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