Friday, January 14, 2011

Inspiration for Writing a Radio Ad

For some inspiration check this link out. Inspiration for Writing a Radio Ad

When you're sitting down to write either one CSA* or a number of them it's surprising how long you can stare at a blank piece of paper...or in my case....a blank Word Doc on laptop....and think what I am going to write?! Yes, I have some basic information, yes I know it has to be kept to 30 seconds(you try writing a 30 sec CSA, it's not quite as easy as you think) but what am I going to write?

I have found that if I begin by writing short sentences with the basic information, I can pull the basics together quite quickly. Then comes the editing. I haven't yet practiced much on scripts....they are much more challenging. Most scripts I try to practice with are only a couple of minutes long and mainly to get an understanding of what it takes to put a script together.

Even for CSA's scripting is important. Having a script means you can practice the same words over and over until you achieve the tones, and effect you're looking for without forgetting the words. Even those who have experience in front of a microphone can forget what they want to say at times.

Over the past six months, I have learnt much more about: pacing the words (not rushing), breathing, editing (you know we say lots of words we don't need to say!) and timing.
Ask my Station Manager and Programming! They have to endure listening to me! :)

Check out Dan's articles-they are short, easy to read and very helpful!

Enjoy life - live to make a difference...

*CSA means Community Service Announcement

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