Friday, January 07, 2011

When people care about their Community

Are you aware of what happens in your community?  Many of us don't even think about the services, programs, and events that take place each and every year within the areas we live.  For all these things to happen, you need dedicated, committed, community loving people.

As my family love to see people given a voice of hope, we have ventured into Christian Radio. Here I will reflect on one aspect we are involved in - relay services. Recently we were in a small town about 3/4 hr drive from where I live to help the local Christian Community with their small Relay Station.  Now many people wouldn't think about what happens behind the scenes so that when they turn their radio on there is something to listen to.  But it takes much more than pressing a button or moving a knob.

Our part is "simply" to help the communities find suitable sites, and put a relay service on air.  But the team who produce the day-to-day program work very hard.  To put together interesting, relevant music, teaching, programs, interviews, and announcements isn't just "slap it together and she'll be right mate".  No, it's real commitment and dedication and caring about the local listeners.

To see people talk about what they are hearing on their local relay service, the music and programs is very encouraging.  To work alongside a dedicated team of people is inspiring.

So take the time to say thank you to those who work hard to bring you quality Christian Radio programming.

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