Friday, February 11, 2011

Cyclone Yasi - on the other side of the radio

Cyclone Yasi
We have seen the pictures on TV and heard on radio the devastion caused by Cyclone Yasi especially to the areas of Tully and Cardwell.  The broken homes, buildings and infrustructure are flashed across our TV screens but often we don't see the pictures or hear the stories about how radio transmitter points are affected.

What happens to a Community who loses their positive voice of hope that was being transmitted into their town?  More than ever these communities need to be able to have access to positve music and talk.  In the late hours of night and early hours of morning, when people can't sleep they need a friend.  And that's what radio is - a friend.

Because of Cyclone Yasi - the Vision Radio Network Tully site is down - Click here to see pictures.  Can I ask you to pray for these affected towns and consider how you can support the Vision Radio Network to get their relay services back up and running for these communities?

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