Monday, February 14, 2011

Never Say Never

When I get discouraged, I pick up the book by Dan Wooding titled "Never Say Never".  It's the story of the Rhema Broadcasting Group and it is the story of a modern day miracle.

To read what Dick Berry and those who, believed what many thought was unattainable, always encourages me.  People like Dick Berry inspire those of us who are the receipients of a truly remarkable legacy.  Christian Media has a rich heritage because of people like Dick Berry.

One of my favorite pages is pages47-48 where we can read how Radio Rhema was called this name.  "Rhema is Greek for the inspired spoken word, a word spoken with absolute intent and direction.  That name would be so significant for this radio ministry." ... (Roman 10:17)  (page 48 Never Say Never, Dan Wooding)

I encourage you to source this book and read it.  We have much to thank God for and a rich heritage of those who have served the Lord in this amazing ministry we call Christian Media (Christian Radio)

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