Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Yasi is Coming

Well, by now I think pretty much all of Australia has heard about Cyclone Yasi, if you've seen the weather maps on TV you would know there's something off the coast of Queensland.  She's coming.  In the Far North we've prepared the best we can.  Whilst it's frightening for many, and we really don't know how much damage Yasi will inflict upon our area, what has been coming out already is how people help each other.

Neighbours checking neighbours and helping to prepare.  People contacting each other from across the country.  Churches holding prayer meetings and organising support for those who may be affected.  People opening their homes to friends and family to stay. 

Natural disasters tend to bring out the best in people during the most difficult times.  Radio and TV services are scrambling to keep the information coming through for as long as we have electricity.  Please consider and think of all those in these media's.  Many of them are in the front line of where Yasi will cross over the coast.  These people are working to bring you the latest information from the Emergency Services and different Government levels including your local council.

The Christian Radio Stations don't just provide information, they also provide encouragement, hope and a "lifeline" during this difficult time.    Christian Radio is much more than a signal on the air - it's sending the message of hope that God loves all people through the airwaves. 

Can I leave you with one more point?  Some people ask Why does God allow these natural disasters to happen?  Well, who said He did?  Please Australia - stop and think about what decisions we're making at all levels of government and society.  Reflect on 2 Chronicles 7:14


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