Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paperwork 2

I'm Learning about Paperwork.  Now don't me wrong.  I realise that Christian Minstries need to have appropriate paperwork in order. Yes - even these groups are not exempt from having everything in place.  Looking at what organisations need to operate, comply and exist in administration has caused me to reflect, Ïf we are so busy with all this paperwork, when do we get out and share Jesus with people?"

Reflect on what paperwork your ministry has to have in place just to operate on a daily basis.  My mind buzzes with OHS, P&P, Induction policy, and this one - Policy about making Policies?! 

I know all this has to be in place, but let's not forget what really matters.  People need to meet Jesus Christ - they need to know that God loved them so much that He sent His Son to die on a cross to save them from their sins.  God wants them to have a life changing, heaven bound relationship with Him.

I guess in our Ministries we need to keep everything in perspective.  Paperwork - yes it's important.  But it is only one part of what we do.  People?  Well that's where our heart should be and where most of our time should be taken up.  In Christian Media, it's about people.  Reaching People.  Encouraging People.  Being there for People.  Praying for People.  Challenging People.  People reaching People with a message of positive Hope and Encouragement.


Link to assist you with the "paperwork"!

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