Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Paperwork.  Some love it. 

Some hate it. Some people think it's so important and others really couldn't care about whether it existed or not.

Paperwork.  Whether we like it or not it is a part of Not-For-Profit organisations.  And as I have  been learning very quickly, it's important to have an organisations paperwork up-to-date and usuable.

One area that is often overlooked regardless of what NFP organisation you are involved in is the area of paperwork.  It's often left to the Secretary or Treasurer to sort out.  Hours and hours of time is spent by these people sorting through what seems to be endless reams of paperwork.  You usually end up with a list that is longer than when you started with questions like, "why do I need this policy?" , "who has this grant acquittal?", "when did this decision get made and where is the minute to support the decision?"

A few simple tips to help:
  • DON'T leave the job to one (1) person
  • Breakdown the workload - tackle the urgent first and the rest over time
  • In meetings keep a book that records motions (decisions made) that will affect future committees
  • Archive what is not needed but needs to be kept (e.g. old minutes of previous years'meetings)
  • Set aside regular time but don't forget you have a life outside
You may love or loathe paperwork, just keep it in perspective.


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