Thursday, May 05, 2011

Christian Media - certainly more than radio

Experience is teaching me that nothing is normal, everything changes and relationships are extremely important in whatever organisation you are involved in, for me, Christian Media.

Today is Day 2 of the CMA Conference here on the Gold Coast in beautiful Queensland!

What am I learning?  Relationships matter.  If more than anything else a broadcaster does, relationships matter.  Most of us view relationships as "transactional", you know, like buying lunch.  You hand your money over and the person serving hands over your food.  But that doesn't build trust, respect or understanding, commitment, or genuine care and concern.

Building relationships takes care, time, understanding, commitment and shared experiences.  You have to put yourself in the place of being available to understand what the other person is going through.  What can  I do for this person?  How do they need help?  How can I help meet their need?

As Broadcasters we need to think about how we relate to our listening audience.  Is it transactional or relational?  And this extends further than just our work places but into every area of our lives.

As Christian Broadcasters, we want to facilitate the opportunity for people to encounter Jesus Christ.  We can't save them, we can't change them, but we can broadcast a message of hope.  Don't view your listeners and supporters as transactional, build a relationship with them. 


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