Saturday, May 14, 2011

Relationships - The Core Message

Our Core Message in Christian Media is really about Relationships.

The best relationship we can encourage is a personal and dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.  As those who work in different roles and positions within Christian Media our goal should be to see others grow and fulfill their potential as well as encouraging life growth.

We need to be radical - to know that we can do what we need to do, know our Vision - our Vision statement needs to be transformational.  That is everything we do focuses on assisting people to build their relationship with the Lord and fulfill their potential.

Being relational means putting people first.  The greatest outcome for any Christian Media organisation is to see
a) people develop a personal relationship with JC
b) grow in their Christian Walk
c) fulfill their God given potential
d) engage in a life process not a program

With those who work in Christian Media Leadership should be encouraging staff and volunteers to grow towards being more Christlike.  To assist in this process Leadership should be developing an environment that encourages:

  • prayer
  • generosity
  • innovation
  • volunteering
  • relationship building
Christian Media is not just an organisation.  It's a part of a life changing ministry.

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