Thursday, May 26, 2011

Script Writing

When I began recording a written script proved and still does prove, to be an important part of the overall recording process.  Many people don't have the natural ability to be completely fluent, especially when you put them in front of a microphone(myself included).  Whilst some are naturally at ease with a microphone or recording device, many are not.

Scripts can alleviate the tension and assist the person recording to stay on track about the given subject.  Your script should be written in a friendly and conversational style.  However no excuses should be given bad slang, bad language or lack of preparation.  Remember you script needs to be written as if you are speaking in conversation with another person you know.

Practice you script - that is, read it OUT LOUD.  If your script doesn't flow or isn't easy to say then re-write it differently.  Keep your sentences short and to the point.  Remember Radio is heard not seen.  Often you will hear that the audience sees with "the theatre of the mind"on radio.  So think about how your listener will interprete your words.

Write everything including dates, weights, measurement as spoken words not print words.  For example 25th June would be "twenty-fifth of June".
Keep you language simple and clear.  Watch your meanings and don't ramble on.  Listeners listen with their fingers and can easily switch radio off or change stations.

Watch where you place punctuation in your script.  Wrongly placed punctuation can cause your words to mean something different from what you intended.  Have someone else read your script before you record or go to air. If they don't understand it - change it!

I've had people tell me that scipts don't allow them to be spontaneous.  This depends on a) the prestener, b) their experience, c) the research they've done on the given subject and d) how they write their script.

Being spontaneous is all well and good however you risk "waffling on"and listeners will simply tune into another station or switch you off.  Worse they won't support your station, and as a Community Radio Station this could have a negative effect you don't want.

When recording smile but keep your words to the point, make sure your meanings are clearn and you know what you are talking about.

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