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Sponsorship.  What is it?  In the commercial radio world one would say they are 'ads'. Sponsorship is a way Community media organisations can raise funds and one way for local businesses to support their community radio station.

 Who is a Sponsor:  A sponsor is an individual or organisation who provides payment in cash or in kind to a community broadcasting licensee or a program provided under the service. This could be by way of a cash donation or contribution of goods or services that would otherwise be an expense for the licensee in operating the service. The key feature of a sponsorship announcement is its acknowledgment of the financial or in-kind support given by a sponsor to a community broadcasting licensee or a program provided under the service.

The announcement may also promote the activities, events, products, services or programs of the sponsor, provided that it contains an acknowledgment of financial or in-kind support by the sponsor of the licensee or a program.
Sponsorship announcements must be genuine. A licensee must be able to demonstrate (if asked) that the sponsors featured in announcements are actually financial supporters (in cash or in kind) of the licensee or a program provided under the service." (from ACMA guidelines)

Sponsorship Tags-What are is?

In Community Broadcasting, a sponsorship ‘tag’ is a common term that refers to the on-air label affixed to material that enables a licensee to acknowledge support in cash or in kind given by a person or an organisation to a licensee or a program provided under the service.
A tag must state the name of the person or organisation that has given support in cash or in kind to the licensee or the program.  Each individual sponsorship annoucement should have its own tag, not one tag for a block of sponsorship announcements.

Is there a limit on the minutes per each hour that a radio station can have sponsorship?

A radio station may broadcast five minutes in any hour for community radio licensees. It is important when timing sponsorship announcements to count the whole announcement, including the tag and music, exactly as it is broadcast.  To ensure the limit is not exceeded, licensees should count the time spent broadcasting sponsorship announcements from the start of each hour.
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(There is much more to sponsorship than what has been presented here.  Click here to view the guidelines from ACMA).


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