Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Hope Project continued...

Have you been listening to "The Hope Project"on the Vision Radio Network?  So many people need hope.  For some the past few months have been especially hard with floods (Eastern States), fires (WA) and cyclones (FNQ).  Sometimes hope seems so distant, yet that's all we cling to. 

That's why bringing hope through positive, family-friendly, radio is so important.  Recently I was at an event and chatting to a few ladies, whom I had never met before.  We began speaking about radio and I soon found out they were avid Vision Radio listeners.  One lady told me that she turns the radio on every morning when she starts her day and it is her companion at night.  They even told me when the station had stopped working (the week before) and how they missed not being able to hear it.  They were so glad when it came back on air the next day. 

For so many Christian Radio is a lifeline.  When I hear stories of how our Christian Radio stations speak HOPE into people's lives, I am reminded that yes, this is worthwhile work.  That's what keeps us pushing forward to install more relay stations across our local area as well as further afield.

Can I encourage you to consider how YOU might respond to the Hope Project?

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