Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Making a Difference

Most people want to make a positive difference by influencing the world around them.  But how?  How can YOU make a positive difference in your family, community, town, region or even country?  Maybe the world?

Sounds too hard?  No. You begin with one.  One difference - it may even be how you view the world around you.  One.  One person, one voice, sharing a dream.  Then another joins the one and another and another and so on.  All of sudden, there is a group, a team working with a common focus.

Imagine if you could make a difference and bring a positive voice to your community.  Well you can.  It starts with:

  • prayer
  • research possibilities
  • prayer
  • tell others
  • prayer
  • impart the vision/goal
  • prayer
Get the idea?  I know that I've included prayer more than any other point listed.  Whether you are in Christian radio, Christian television, Christian social media or Christian print media, prayer is the most powerful aspect of any ministry.

Malanda Falls, Atherton Tablelands FNQ
Let me tell you a story....A small group of people wanted to establish a radio station in their town but they were honest with me and said that they only had limited funds and time to raise the funds.  it wasn't enough to cover the full cost of establishing the radio station.  So we took it to God in prayer.  I let others I knew know of the need.  Someone I was speaking with said to me, it isn't possible in the time frame you have to raise the funds necessary.  Knowing that my God is the god of achieving the "impossible"I said, God will provide the funds needed in the time available.  After that conversation, it was less than a week and the necessary funds were available.  Today that small community has a Chrsitian Radio Station.  They love it, pray for it, tell others about it. 

Be a positive voice in your community.  Encourage others who dream of making a difference.  Their dream may be the factor that changes the world around us.

Live life.  Make a difference.

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