Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Team Work

Team Work.  A successful team is a united in purpose group of people working together for a cause/venture.  They are focused, connected and communicate with each other.

An unsuccessful team spend their time bickering, fighting, trying to get their "agendas"on the table and come across to those looking at their group/organisation as people who can't get along.

So what's your Media organisation looking like?  A successful team?  That's the aim.

A successful team:
  • knows their mission statement/purpose/intent
  • everyone can contribute and participate
  • people feel and know they are trusted
  • key people can make decisions and be confident they are able to do so
  • people assist each other - training, encouragement, assistance
  • people feel valued and wanted within the team
  • the leadership value and encourage the team
  • if someone needs help they feel confident asking
  • each member of the team know what the organisation/ministry is about and
  • why the organisation/ministry exists
Something to think about.

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