Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Team work - Helping Each Other

I am so proud!  Last night one our local Christian Community Radio Station Volunteers did her first official interview - she was the interviewer.  (We'll let you know who she interviewed in the coming weeks......)

Team Work isn't about one person doing one job.  It's about encouraging each other, mentoring, and facilitating opportunities.  Interviewing isn't a skill that comes naturally to everyone.  Often we have to practice, practice and practice more.  That's what this volunteer has been doing.  Lots of practice.

To be successful in learning a new skill/s there are a few things you need to be willing to do:
  • listen - oh how the mighty fall because they think they know it all!  We've all been like this.  We need to humble ourselves.
  • have a go - when your mentor gives you the opportunity to have a go, take it!
  • take every opportunity given to practice and practice what you've been taught
  • be willing to admit your failures, but don't stay there.  Get up and try again.  Success is simply getting up again and again until you achieve your goal.
A word to Mentors and Managers - give your people a go!  Trust them to try.  I realise how easy it is to have the "it's just easier if I do it myself"attitude.  I know, because that's my tendancy.  I've learnt over the past couple of years that you soon work out if someone doesn't trust you.  It isn't a nice feeling and you won't keep your volunteers (or staff) on board with you.

I've been in organisations where you come home each day really wondering WHY you're even bothering to try.  If you are a volunteer organistion, your organisation won't keep volunteers for long if they feel they can't be trusted or given a go.  Sure they'll not always get everything right, but keep encouraging, keep leading, keep giving opportunity.  Most of all, show your volunteers they are valued more than the job they do.

Something to think about...

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