Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Sheridan Voysey & Andy Sorenson

Amazing Interview where Sheridan Voysey interviews Andy Sorenson. 

Excerpt from www.sheridanvoysey.com : "Throughout the 90s Andy Sorenson was a busy man. Along with people like Steve Grace, Adrian Ross and Kathy Johnston, he was one of the most in-demand Christian artists in Australia—with more gigs each year than there are days in the calendar.  Then Andy slipped away from the live music scene. "

 In this interview Andy Sorenson shares with Sheridan some deeply hurtful experiences that happened to him in his early teens.  With the realisation and loss of a close friend, Andy shared with Sheridan some of his life story.  Whilst Andy is still working through the pain of his experience, he continues to write songs, and is now touring again.

The pain is real, but God's grace is powerful. 

Andy is a great example of Living Life - with a  differerence.


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