Monday, September 26, 2011

Out & About

O'Brien's Creek Camp @ Mt Surprise
We've just returned from a few days out west.  Well a little out west.  As we travelled through places like Mt Garnet, Mt Surprise, Georgetown, Forsayth and Einsleigh. I reflected on what I take for granted.  Hot water.  Supermarkets, Chemist shops! Cool breezes.  Christian radio and media services.  Weekly Church services.

Lizard @ O'Brien's Creek Camp
I am always encouraged by the resilience of those who live in the bush.  The commitment, hard work and dedication to living off the land and for those whose services and businesses support these towns should never be underestimated.  These people just like us need to be encouraged.  They need life lines of hope.  They need to know they are appreciated and valued. 

Stock being mustered @ Mt Surprise
I was missing listening to Chrsitian Radio as so many of the towns we visited don't yet have a Chrisitan Radio service in their local areas.  Please pray and uphold those who live in our more remote parts of Australia... any be thankful you don't have to collect firewood daily to fire up the "donkey"for hot water or start a generator, or drive 2-3 hours to the nearest major town. 

I am thankful to God for placing me where I am...

Check back to as I will be adding photos from our recent trip.

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