Tuesday, October 04, 2011

God Gave Me A Microphone

Recently saw a book entitled "God Gave Me  A Microphone"by Rev Vernon Turner.  Interesting.
Click Here to read more about him.

He played a vital role in Australia's first FM Christian Station.  You can read more here...

"Behold, a Christian broadcaster went on the air, and when he broadcast many radio sets were not tuned in, and so a number of people did not hear what he was saying. And when he broadcast, the listeners were doing variojs things as well as listening - mending clothes, reading a newspaper, driving a car, playing with the children - and they heard hardly any of the words he spoke.  And some of the listeners liked the words spoken by the Chrisitan broadcaster; but old habits were strong, and soon choked any wish to lead a new and better life.
But some of the radio listeners heard gladly the broadcast of the Good News of Christ, and their neighbours could see the difference in the way they lived.
Who hath ears to hear, let him hear!"
(Rev V Turner, 1917 - 2006)

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