Thursday, December 15, 2011

Be Careful what you give this Christmas

  When thinking of what to give people as presents - be careful of what you choose.  It seems that our society is truly losing all sense.  I am saddened to think where we will be in just a couple of years unless we stand up for what we believe.  Australians need to stand up for our way of life - camping out, boiling the billy, 4WDing out bush and now .....well read this and make your own mind up.....Click Here

Our freedom - to express who we are is being slowley erroded away.  The principles and foundations such as marriage (between and man and a woman for life), the family and freedom of expressing our faith are all being slowley taken away.  And for who?  Minority groups.  Does the average Australian even really understand what is happening or do we really no longer care as Australians what happens to our great nation? 

If we're going to make a difference then it starts with us - the average, ordinary, Australian!

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