Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life doesn't always go the way you want...

Life doesn't always go the way you want - usually life veers in a different direction to what we think or want to happen.

In Christian Media as in any media the same happens.  It's not IF but WHEN it happens.  We can view this in two ways:
When Life throws you an adventure - take it!
  • I can't deal with this happening   
  • What an opporunity to share with others
Regardless of where you stand socially, spirituality, politically, in your work etc HOW you choose to view life will have a positive or negative effect on your outlook.  Life isn't always going to go the way you would like - that's what makes life an adventure. 
The challenge is to enjoy the experience and learn as you journey.

Enjoy life  - live to make a difference!

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