Friday, February 10, 2012

Grants - CBF

CBF - The Community Broadcasting Foundation - has grant opportunities open to the Community Broadcasting Sector. Have you checked out what's available?

In the Community Broadcasting Sector so much hard work is often done by lots of volunteers and very few paid staff.  That's where these grant opportunities become very valuable.  However, you don't just get a grant - you have to apply.  And be aware, online applications are becoming the accepted way to submit.  You will need some basic computer skills, or ask someone to help you.

Some ideas to help:
  • look through the current grant opporunities - what could your Community Media group achieve if a grant was applied for?
  • Read, Read, Read  through all the paperwork and make sure you understand what the grant if for, how much and what you need to submit
  • Phone CBF and talk to one of the team about your proposed project - they are very friendly and helpful.
  • Make sure you have all invoices, and paperwork ready when you go to submit application
  • Get your application in by deadline
Some of the grant available at CBF:

General Grants

<> General Grants - StationFriday 16 March 2012
<> General Grants - Content DevelopmentFriday 16 March 2012
<> General Grants - Sustainability and DevelopmentFriday 16 March 2012

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