Thursday, March 01, 2012

After the Wilderness, a New Beginning

Sheridan has this unique way to engage the listener/reader to reflect on those parts of our lives we might not normally take time to mediate on.  I am always encouraged by Sheridan's insights - Sally

The wilderness is a place of new beginnings...

(excerpt from

"The wilderness feels like a place of desertion. Our souls are dry, there’s sand in our eyes and we feel vulnerable, tempted and restless. But as the Jews reflected on their wilderness wanderings they saw more in the experience than suffering:
  • As much as the wilderness was a place of vulnerability, it was also a place of provision—with manna and quail and clothes that didn’t wear out coming from God’s hand for their need.
  • As much as it was a place of temptation, it was also a place of testing—God testing their hearts to reveal their devotion and teaching their hearts to trust him.
  • And while they felt restless and insecure in the desert place, they end up becoming someone new—God revealing himself as a ‘father’ to them there, and describing them as his ‘children’.
For as much as the wilderness is a place of trial, it is also a place of transition—where slavery becomes freedom and immaturity becomes wisdom, where our proud demands are humbled and our insecure selves become children of God. In the wilderness we become people we could never have become, and move into the next phase of our lives.
After forty years in the wilderness the Jews entered their Promised Land.
After forty days in the wilderness Jesus launched his world-changing mission."

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