Sunday, April 22, 2012

Community Broadcasting Station Census

Just as all Australians participate in a national census, so too do Media organisations.  Not too long ago, community radio stations particpated in a Community Broadcasting Station Census.  The following is from and I encourage everyone who contributes to the life of community media (radio, print, TV, social media) to view the report....

"The newly released Community Broadcasting Station Census is a comprehensive report into the activities of stations in the Community Broadcasting Sector and covers the financial period 2009/10.
The report data was collected by McNair Ingenuity Research under the guidance of the CBOnline Project for the Community Broadcasting Association of Australia.
This is the sixth data collection to date. See data on the growth of the sector, the impact of the Global Financial Crisis and the increasingly diverse programming choices available to community radio listeners.
Download the PDF report here:Public report station census.
More comprehensive data classified by survey questions is available at: "

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